BGMI Members:

Name: Luke Drabyn
Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio
Middle School: Maple Street School

At Burr and Burton, I’m involved in a great number of organizations: as an ambassador to the school, I give tours to prospective students and faculty; as a member of student council, I help make fundraising decisions and organize class trips; as a senior leader beginning in the Fall of 2010, I’ll work with freshmen to facilitate their entry into Burr and Burton, and help make their transition to high school as fun and easy as possible. For fun I play hockey for the BBA Ice Hockey team. Additionally, I love to read and play guitar when I have free time.

Name: Richard Siu
Hometown: Chatham NY and Manchester VT
Middle School: Manchester Elementary Middle School

When I first got to Burr and Burton Academy, I was surprised at the various community service projects BBA offered. Freshmen year, I took up this one project with the Green Mountain Club working on hiking trails. Sophomore year, I volunteered at live green, a local event advocating alternative "green" energy. If BBA doesn't have the community service you're looking for, then you can write a small proposal requesting an independent project. Every year, I do an independent project teaching tennis for the USTA in my community. So I encourage all you reading my bio to join our cause or a different one at BBA or just start up your own like we did! In addition, I'm currently a Senior, and I'm involved in Student Council, BBA Ambassadors, National Honors Society, and Manchester's Parks and Rec. board. I play tennis for the Boys Tennis team at BBA


Name: Sydney Schiffman
Birthplace: Long Island, New York
Middle School: Manchester Elementary Middle School

I can almost always be found either in the Riley Center for the Arts toting around my bassoon or pulling my hair out in my counselor's office. Although I'm not coordinated enough to play sports, I spectate at many of the BBA boy's ice hockey games and occasionally BBA tennis matches, too. My favorite classes (so far) would have to include English and.... well, just English for now. In my scarce and precious free time, I rip it up on the piano and spend time with my favorite people in the world... you know who you guys are.

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Name: Nikki Grossfeld
Birthplace: Great Neck, Long Island, New York
Middle School: Maple Street School

At Burr and Burton Academy, Nikki is involved in many service learning groups that serve to make a difference in the community, state, nation, and/or world. On top of these groups, she also tutors a number of students in various subjects. Nikki has many dreams for her future, but all of them include helping others. Her favorite thing in the world, is the moment when she gets to see someone’s face light up in the special way that shows that she has helped them – knowing she has made a difference ... "it's what makes life worth living," she says. When Nikki's not helping others, she enjoys arts and crafts and being with her friends and family.

33458_1591647227546_1126843902_31690382_8197174_n.jpgName: Jimmy Woodard
Birthplace: Rutland, Vermont
Middle School: Manchester Elementary Middle School

Jimmy is a Sophomore at Burr and Burton Academy. He works with technology very often and enjoys helping everyone with everything that is technology related; doing so provides him with lots of opportunities. Jimmy is has worked with many individuals and organizations in Southern Vermont and provides honest, patient, and affordable services such as: web design, computer & network troubleshooting and repair, graphic & web design, on-location computer "lessons" and many more. To learn more, visit Jimmy is in charge of BGMI's Web Presence.
Jimmy also enjoys music; he plays the Piano and Trumpet.

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Name: Amy Hammond
Birthplace: Kealakekua, Hawaii
Middle School: Maple Street School

I'm constantly involved in the busy life of the performing arts, whether it's chorus, contemporary singers, jazz band, drama scenes, or spring musicals, there's never a dull moment in theatre. I'm also extremely interested in photography and don't leave the house without my camera. I've enjoyed doing dance team since freshman year in the winters. Otherwise i just love to have a good time, and make people laugh.


Name: Lia Konstantinou
Birthplace: Bennington, VT
Middle School: Manchester Elementary Middle School

At Burr and Burton, I am involved in many organizations and programs such as: an ambassador to the school, giving tours to families, students, and faculties. I am in many service-learning projects including "Little Schools" that helps raise money for kids in Africa to improve sanitary conditions. I also play in my school's band. I spend most of my time painting or sketching in art class, and I am on BBA's Nordic team. Since I am from Greece and I lived there for the first 7 years of my life, I try to bring new ideas, and diversity to BBA. My goal is also to introduce a new culture to my school's community. With my free time, I paint and play my soprano saxophone.


Name: William T. Ayre III
Birthplace: East Hampton, NY
Middle School: Maple Street School

At Burr and Burton Academy, I have partaken in a few plays within the drama department. I am actively involved in the advanced digital film department, having taken the course Junior year, I am also going to take it once again senior year. Outside of school, my interests generally revolve around reading, writing, and film.

Name: Mathilde Sécordel (nickname: Tilly)
Birthplace: Schiltigheim, France
Middle School: Harrington School/FBUS/Lycee Francais Saint Louis

Like Colette van Dyk, I take a strong interest in languages and find myself always wanting to learn a new one. I'm also a complete geek who loves computers, and I enjoy learning new languages with that as well. Although I don't match Sydney Schiffman's skills on the piano, I love hitting the notes on it every now and then. I've participated in numerous volunteer groups in the past years, mainly helping little kids as well as older folks bring teamwork and creativity in their lives through arts and crafts. I'm now a senior at BBA and currently am the leader of the percussion section of the band, but aside from that I'm pretty much like your average senior. My goal in high school is to constantly learn new things and absorb the cultures around me. For example, I had no idea that Amy Hammond was Hawaiian; she is now obligated to teach me some Hawaiian. On a more serious note, my goal is really to help others as best as I can: academically and personally. Hopefully, I can pass on what little knowledge I've acquired so as to benefit the rest of the world.


Name: Colette van Dyk
Birthplace: Paris, Ontario, Canada
Middle School: Paris Central

I'm a senior at Burr and Burton Academy. I love photography and the arts, but what I really love are languages, especially Spanish; I am also a student ambassador and play different sports on our school’s teams.